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Design concept

1, why design?

0 designs is the tip of the iceberg, but essential!

If we think of branding as an iceberg.
brand or corporate-owned cultural institution, staff behavior, organizational structure, core technology, marketing and other elements constituting the Berg
body, though hidden under water, but is the most powerful brand development supporting and driving force.
but it must pass a series of complete and effective visual design and branding to be public awareness.
think about how important the design! &Nbsp;
 2, how to do design?

0 return the origin and essence of excavation projects or products!

sofa designer Naoto fukasawa design principle tells us that appearances aside sofa cushion, backrest and so on, in fact, essentially it is just a
stool. Designers are thinking as simple as possible, depending on the design.
so our advice is don't rush to hand in all things, may wish to settle down and think about this project, or what is the most obvious characteristics of the product, what are their target customers and consumer groups ... ...
3, what kind of design?

0 concept is concise, clear, our design principles!

simple, clear is in the most simple and intuitive way, effective visual communication and dissemination, and reject all unrealistic
by the symbolic meaning of that content. Concept is to cleverly original design concepts and applications, gives a surprise, which impresses people so as to enhance the
and cultural connotations.
4, for clients with the appropriate design!

Mr LU Xun put it bluntly clothing: "... ... People thin don't wear black clothes, people fat don't wear white clothes; feet long of woman must to wear black shoes, feet short on a
set to wear white shoes; party lattice of clothes fat people cannot wear, but than cross lattice of OK; cross lattice of fat people wear Shang, on put fat more to on both sides
crack with, more cross wide has, fat to wear vertical note of, vertical of put people is long, cross of put people explicit of wide...... "
design also is so, right only good! Fit just fine!